Founded right after WWII

Bistagne Brothers Body Shop was founded in 1946 by brothers Tom and George Bistagne. After their service in the military during World War II, the brothers rented a small 400 square foot shop on the northeast corner of Chevy Chase and Verdugo where they performed auto body repair and custom work.


First Expansion

In 1948, the business expanded and a move was made to a property of their own on the southeast corner of the same intersection. For the last 70 years, Bistagne Brothers has served Glendale and the surrounding communities with a great sense of pride in their work and customer service.


Industry Recognition

Only a few years after its founding, Bistagne Bros. begins to get recognized for its superior repair work and custom paint jobs.


The Next Generation

The 1970’s saw the second generation of Bistagne brothers (Tom Bistagne’s sons) enter into the office and become part of the family business: Bob Bistagne in 1975 and Chuck Bistagne in 1977.


Another Expansion

Over the years, the automotive repair business flourished under the family ownership and management, and expansion was sought yet again. In 1999, an adjacent gas station was purchased and construction was started on expanding the business to encompass the entire southeast corner of the intersection. The new office headquarters opened in 2000.


The Third Generation

In 2003, Bistagne Brothers saw its third generation, Robert Bistagne (Bob’s son), enter into shop management. Today, each customer that comes through the doors will be greeted by one or more generations of Bistagne’s.


Robert Thomas Bistagne, 1951-2015

Second generation and lifelong Glendale resident Robert Bistagne attended Loyola High School and earned a degree is Business Administration from Cal State Fullerton. Besides running Bistange Bros. on a daily basis, he volunteered countless hours to coaching baseball and basketball teams and to the local Chapter of Rotary.  


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